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From spirited performances to captivating CDs and books, discover more from Namaya’s extensive body of work.

Performance Credits

  • January 2010 – Al Rowadd Theater at Aida Refugee Camp in Palestine
  • Ben’s Café in Tokyo
  • Cabaret Voltaire Melbourne, Australia
  • El Rocco Jazz. Sydney, Australia
  • Jazz Minds, Honolulu Hawaii
  • No Black Tie Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • New Zealand Tour: Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, NZ
  • Nuyorican Poets’ Café, NYC
  • Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
  • Monster Truck Gallery Dublin, Ireland
  • Apples and Snakes, London, England
  • Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, NY.
  • Café Badcuyp, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Café Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Colony Café, Woodstock, NY
  • Keene State College Café, NH
  • Marlboro College, Vt
  • PACE, Mass.
  • Rutgers University, NJ
  • Hartford Jazz Series: Pork Pie Hat Series: Ct.
  • New England Youth Theater: Vt
  • Northampton Center for the Arts: MA.
  • Sanctuary Cella, Brighton, England
  • School for International Training, Vt
  • Vermont Celebrates Hayden Carruth. Vermont
  • Vermont Jazz Center, Vermont
  • Simons Rock College, Mass.
  • Winston, Amsterdam, Holland

What Our Audience Says

“Loved his show. Terrific fun. I want to bring him back.”

– The Australian Center for Performance Arts

“The Show was sensuous, sexy, radical, delicious, elegant. There was sweetness and wisdom!”

– Jacqueline

“You created a wonderful atmosphere at NEYT; good show I loved the mix of poetry and music. Way Cool!”

– Stephen Stearns, Director of New England Youth Theatre

“The piece PALESTINE moved me to tears. My heart, …it could heal so much.”

– Rupa Cousins Dancer- Healer

“Great performance!”

– Nuyorican Cafe, NYC.

Vermont My Home on Blue Heron Pond: The CD


“In this CD, Namaya celebrates and honors Mother Earth as Healing Muse, “…sublime joy when reality and imagination blend…” he says. Namaya, …thank you!”

Wendy Brown-Báez
author of Ceremonies of the Spirit and transparencies of light

“I am resting and what better way to rest than hearing your soulful voice moving me to tears. Thanks T. Truly beautiful.”

Sheila Jordan
Jazz Singer

“…listening to your smooth, hypnotic voice in my ear. So much of what you do came together for me when I heard this. The music for “Li Pon” was perfection… “

Mary Mantz
Freelance writer/editor

“I enjoyed Vermont My Home very much. The fact that nature is central to the collection adds to its playful, meditative spiritual quality”

Janise Ray
author of Ecology of A Cracker Childhood

“Really beautiful! I like the smokiness of your delivery, and the production is very high-quality, too, with the music and sounds.”

Julie M. Goldberg

“It is a need in the midst of so much suffering in our world. Muchas gracias!”

Ruben from DR.

“It is great music, it enlightened my day.”

Phillippe NYC